Life is uncertain. There is nothing new in this sentence. You know life is uncertain and so do everyone else. But for me, it creates a new meaning every time I sit back and think about it. I shiver. It seems as if lots of what ifs are running across my vein. And there is no end to these what ifs. I keep on thinking about all the things that can go wrong until my phone rings or I get tired. After every such instance, I reach to single decision – f**k it, this is how life is. No matter how much I do and think, there will always be something that can go wrong. Murphy’s law – what can go wrong, will go wrong. This is a problem, but now I don’t look for solution to this problem. I have decided to live with it. But, how can I live with uncertainty?

There is a huge difference in saying something and doing it. Deciding to do something without knowing how to do it is also a problem in itself. I think the first thing I can do is to start ignoring the thoughts that are likely to put me in the what ifs chain. Ignorance is bliss. Though not true in all circumstances, but at least true in this situation. But, it is also true that more I will try to ignore those thoughts, my mind will stay hooked on to it. It is like if I tell you to not think about an elephant, and the first thing you will do is to think about an elephant. So simply trying to ignore those thoughts will not help. Instead, I have to replace those thoughts with some other thoughts – constructive thoughts.

Constructive thoughts are the positive thoughts that uplifts you towards progress. But, what if I don’t find some constructive thoughts right off the bat? Constructive thoughts lead to constructive actions. And it is true other way round as well. I can take actions that instigate constructive thoughts. What those actions can be? Possible any work at hand that I am supposed to be doing at the very moment. I know that I don’t want to start a work unless it is mandatory – chronic procrastination. But, I also know that once I start a work, I end up completing it. It is the start that is of concern.

So to not to think about uncertainty and be worried to death, I can plough myself into some work that I have.

Thinking uncertainty prepares

The above is the solution I can implement to stay on the course and not to worry too much. But, thinking about uncertainty is undeniably a best remedy to stay prepared for what is coming. I cannot afford to be a grasshopper who dances around in the spring and summer to die in the winter. I have to be an ant as well. An ant who enjoys the spring and summer, but constantly prepares for the winter, as it worries for what it will eat when everything outside will be covered with snow. A balance.

But, the question is, is it possible to think of uncertain times without thinking too much? How will I know that the thought I am falling into will not spiral me into unending waste of time? Where will be the brakes?

Brakes will not be needed if I choose thoughts carefully. Choosing thoughts, carefully, well…

Published on: November 27, 2020