Types of AI & Automation

You will find several categories and types of Artificial Intelligence and Automation out there. I have separated it in four categories:

1. AI based Digital Automation

Digital means whatever you do on your computer or online. If the automated activities that are being done is online or computer based, then you can call it digital automation. And when you use artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) to conduct those activities, then you can call it AI based Digital Automation. There is a difference between AI and ML, but for the sake of brevity, we have intentionally used it interchangeably. Some of the examples of AI based Digital Automation are:

  • Use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read handwritten texts and convert into online database.
  • Use of image recognition to identify an animal.

2. Non-AI based Digital Automation

When you automate your online or computer based activities using predefined rules, it is called non-AI based digital automation. There are several activities that can be performed through your computer or online without the need to move your finger. You can define few rules and the software will automatically do whatever you want it to do. Some of the examples of non-AI based digital automation are:

  • Use of data scraping software to extract images or texts from a website.
  • Use of automated response email software to send automated replies when a new email is received.

3. AI based Physical Automation

Physical automation means movement of physical objects from one place to another on its own or via a machine automated machine. A physical machine that is operated by AI or ML without any help from humans are called as AI based Physical Automation. Some of the examples of AI based Physical Automation are:

  • Driver less cars that recognize other vehicles on the road.
  • A fruit shorting machine that separates good apples from bad apples.

4. Non-AI based Physical Automation

When machines operate and move objects from one location to another or transform an object into a different object based on predefined rules, it is called non-AI based Physical Automation. These machines do not have mind of their own and neither they can recognize something and improve itself by capturing data. They do a set of fixed activities as per the rules defined by a human operator. Some of the examples of non-AI based Physical Automation are:

  • A fully automated potato chips making machine that takes potato from one end and produces packages filled with potato chips from the other end.
  • A bottle cap making machine that takes unrolls steel sheets and create bottles caps.
Published on: November 6, 2020