Introduction to Project Management

119 students

In this course, you will be introduced to project management concepts. The goal of this course is to help you get a good overview of project management.

This course is best suited for the students who are new to the world of project management.

Learner Prerequisites

The course has no prerequisites. You are not expected to know anything in advance to undertake this course. This is a beginner level course. Anyone who knows how to read and write can understand this course.

Course Duration

The duration allowed for the course is 8 weeks. You should be able to complete this course in less than 8 weeks with few hours of study everyday.  However, with a focused effort, you may even complete the course in half of the allotted time.

Course Completion

You are expected to achieve at least 80% in all the quizzes in each lesson to receive the course certificate.


Hello there, I am Anna Zhilyaeva. I have several years of academic and professional experience in project management. With the time available in my hand after my professional and family responsibilities, I thought it would be good to share my knowledge to students and professionals like you. Project Management is sometimes taken with awe and wonder, but in reality, anyone can learn anything about project management. Also, the knowledge of project management is not only useful for a project manager, but also for everyone who is managing any kind of work in their life. Whether you are managing your college group projects or handling a task in a company, the knowledge of project management can help you get through everything smoothly. It broadens your mind and you become a better manager. I will look forward to your feedback on my courses to make it better for everyone. Cheers!